This SOS math review is targeted toward those individuals who have forgotten what they once knew about fractions. You may need the entire review or just portions of the review.
Fractions for Adults is divided into several categories with accompanying examples and problems. The SOS menu will direct you according to your needs or performance. At any time you can go back to the most recent menu by clicking on the phrase Menu Back at the bottom of your screen.
One of the largest obstacles to success in any situation that involves the use of fractions is loss of memory. Most individuals were introduced to fractions in grade school and have long since forgotten how to use them. If you have not used fraction in your daily life, you are probably a little rusty. Don't despair! With this quick review, you can once again be a whiz at fractions.
There is an overall menu at the bottom of every page. Each of the topics in the menu will lead to other menu pages. Each menu page will list a number of topics. Click the topic you are most interested in.
If, after you have read through the explanations and examples concerning a particular topic, you would like to review another example or problem, click on Next Example or Next Problem. If, after reviewing the second example or problem, you want to review another, click on Next Example or Next Problem again. You can continue this for several examples.
A set of practice problems follows each set of explanations and examples. After you work the problems, click on the word Answer to check the answer and/or review the solution.

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Author: Nancy Marcus

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